Veterinary Services

Did you know?

Do you know THE BUSINESS HOUSE has been brokering business deals since 1993, and that we are also specialists in brokering veterinary practices?

We at THE BUSINESS HOUSE are experienced in the complex processes of buying, selling, and valuating a veterinary practice.

We are committed to continued excellence of the veterinary profession, and to helping make your veterinary dreams come true, whether that means finding the right buyer for your beloved practice or helping you to find that ideal practice location.


“Working with the Business House saved me time, money and headaches! They not only valued, and sold my veterinarian practice at an above market price– but put me in contact with invaluable people who have subsequently helped me with tax solutions and investments for the post sale. Jeff was a pleasure to work with.”Martin G. Stotelmyer, DVM
“I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. You and your organization have now guided us through two major acquisitions and your sincerity coupled with your business acumen made our transactions simple and pain free. It is not often that you find an organization that tells you the truth and does what it says it will do! We could not have done it without you, and we will be forever grateful. Feel free to have any prospective clients call me so I may share with them how you all do business.”Robert Tope, DVM

Selling A Practice


Establish Your Goals

What do you want to do after your sale?


Have your practice appraised


Identify areas that you need to improve upon and make necessary adjustments.

Delegate & Manage

Be active in your Practice. Delegate different projects to your staff and observe revenue results.

Environmental Impact

Is there any cause for concern with your current practices?

Real Estate Transfer

Do you own the property? Are you going to sell the property with the business or lease to the new owner? Do you know of any zoning issues that could affect a sale?


Examine Finances & Bookkeeping

Are your books in order for potential buyers to review? Are you financially ready to sell?


Make any necessary upgrades, repairs, painting, landscaping, etc.


Are you using the most current equipment: software, computers, lab equipment, and machinery?

Check for Pre Payment Penalties

If you have leased equipment, are there any pre payment penalties? How much longer do you have on your lease?

Make A List

Document every piece of equipment that you own. This list needs to be maintained until closing.

Consider A Professional

Have a professional review your Practice, plan your exit strategy, and price your Practice competitively.

Buying A Practice

In today’s economy, it is even tougher to run your own Practice than it was ten years ago. Being a successful entrepreneur now takes more dedication and knowhow than ever before. Even though there is no greater satisfaction than to own your own Practice, you must make sure than you are prepared for the sacrifice and risk that it will take to get started. Below are some questions you should consider before buying:

  • Look for an Advisor to assist your purchase
  • Can I be a caring leader and Veterinarian at the same time?
  • What are my professional and personal goals in 5 years? 10 years?
  • Is the reward worth the sacrifice?
  • Am I doing this for the right reasons?

If you are set and ready to be your own boss, there are several other items you need to have in order before you are ready to purchase.

  • Is your credit in good shape? What financing options are you willing to look at?
  • Location! Have you checked or investigated the demographics and demand for service in the area that you would like to service? Is buying the Real Estate better than leasing?