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Seller Services

Interested in selling your business or transferring ownership? Are you planning for retirement by preparing your company for your exit? Are you facing a forced-exit such as bankruptcy or liquidation?
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THE BUSINESS HOUSE is the premier business brokerage firm in the Southeast.

  • We sell 90% of the companies we take to market.
  • We get you 90% all cash at closing.
  • We meet your objectives.
  • We give you a short sell cycle – 9 months to 1 year.

Keep or Sell Test

Time to Retire or Keep Going?

Knowing when to act and when not to act is a key component in all important decisions. Likewise, knowing when to keep your business and when to sell it can make a significant difference in the success of your exit and your future financial security. Take the following test and review your answers with your BUSINESS HOUSE Planning Advisor to ensure that your timing is perfect!

Sellability Score

What's Your Score?

Using the Sellability Score learn how sellable your business is and receive a free 24 page report of your results.
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Buyer Services

Interested in Buying a Business?
Make all the right choices in your new venture when you use THE BUSINESS HOUSE. We can match your skill sets to a business model, represent you in the transaction, walk you through the process, and close the deal.
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Businesses For Sale

Bring your dream of ownership to life.

The startup, coffee shop, marketing company, veterinary practice, manufacturing company, zoo, fitness club, service company, or other business is waiting for you to discover.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advise, appraise, and advance our Clients’ needs and objectives with regard to selling, acquiring, or transferring a business enterprise in a professional, confidential, expeditious, and thorough manner.